what most morons think when they hear “JB” 


what think when I hear “JB” 


what most people think when they hear Red Bull 


what I think when I hear Red Bull


what most people think when they hear Silverstone 


what I think when I hear Silverstone 


what most people think when they hear retired 


what I think when I hear retired 


What most people think when they hear Box  

image What i think when i hear box  


I woke up this morning feeling an odd sensation in the lower right part of my mouth - like, it felt numb but at the same time as soon as I tried to eat or touch my teeth, all of them, it was extremely painful.

So half a hour ago I went to the dentist and turns out the problem is my wisdom tooth in the upper right part of my mouth - somehow, the pain radiated from the tooth and made me feel sore in the lower part.

They just had to remove my tooth.

I’m sitting on my bed with a cylindrical gauze in the place previously occupied by the tooth, my cheek is swollen and half my face hurts. I want to hug my dog and eat tons of ice cream - but I can’t ‘cause there’s no ice cream at home and most of all I don’t usually eat it.

I’ll just log out now…

If I could throw my phone away, I would probably do it. It’s always on silent, and I don’t like when it rings and people are calling. We could live without those things in the past when we just had a phone on the street somewhere, on the corner or at the house. I have no interest in telling all the people what I do every day and where I am.
Kimi Räikkönen (via theicemanspeaks)

thelittledarkcat asked:

It’s raining. Nearly pouring and Spock yet has to get home from the Academy. Starfleet offered him to resume his place as an instructor until he fully recovered from the telephatic trauma, Vulcan’s destruction had caused. He had agreed. The campus is nearly empty because of the heavy rain and Spock hesitates to leave the protection which the massive building offered. Like all Vulcans he dislikes to get wet. The clear liquid doesn’t have very pleasant effects on his telepathy. part1

But he has forgotten his umbrella and if he wants to get home, he could not avoid the rain forever. As Spock finally steps outside he could see a tall, broad figure standing in the rain, an umbrella in one broad hand. Spock’s dark eyes widen. Leonard.

- - - 

He hurries to reach the man standing there, under the pouring rain.

It takes him 25.33 seconds to reach Leonard, but he’s soaked wet when the man slides his hand around his waist and attracts him to his own dry body, pulling him as far away from the fastidious rain as physically possible.

Spock gracefully and subtly moves away from the contact, way too intimate to be displayed in the middle of the campus, even though it’s almost desert. Leonard only scowl and grumbles something, but doesn’t really protest; he knows their rules, they’d decided them together since the very beginning, after all.

He waits for Spock to comb his hair back into an appearance of their normal pristine array, before Spock feels the doctor’s fingers ghost over his knuckles in a Vulcan kiss which makes the corners of his lips twitch in bemusement, although the unpleasant sensation of the water against his skin is still there.

He doesn’t complain this time. Instead, he turns his wrist and graciously slides his own fingers over Leonard’s.

“I believed you to be at the hospital,” he tells the doctor, softly.

They stand there, under the small umbrella, the only protection against the rain.

“A colleague asked for a change of shifts tonight. Thought I could cook that soup of yours for dinner,” Leonard replies. “But then it started raining and I noticed your umbrella was next to the door, so here I am,” the doctor explains, hazel eyes warm and deep.

They never cease to capture Spock’s attention when they talk. The Vulcan illogically loves them; their spectrum of colors, so rich, their profundity, their gentleness. McCoy is a hard man and a grumpy doctor and a real Southern man, but his eyes speak volumes about the good man he really is, the softness that’s hidden under the surface.

Spock feels lucky every time he looks at him. He knows Leonard feels just the same.

“I see,” he states. “Thank you, Leonard. Your gesture is deeply appreciated”

McCoy smiles and puts one of his big hands on Spock’s biceps, motioning for him to move as they begin walking together, but Spock raises his eyebrow. Leonard looks at him.

“What’s wrong?” he asks. “You forgot something else in your office?”

Spock detects the sarcasm in the doctor’s words and looks at him, unimpressed.

“No, Leonard. I merely wished to have my umbrella so we can walk home together more easily”

The wicked grin which spreads on the doctor’s face is something Spock grew to recognize and classify as “nothing good”, as humans say.

“Why do we need another umbrella when we can come back home like this, walking together under this little one? After all, there’s more than enough space for both of us here, darling,” he smirks.

Spock looks at him, unimpressed. When Leonard looks at him with that sinful elight in his eyes, and leans inside his personal space more than he is already doing, Spock feels his warm lips brush against his ear.

“After all, if we get a little wet, we can always have a hot shower together when we get there. Maybe we’d better hurry up, don’t you think darling?” he asks, voice rough and deep and sexy.

Spock fights hard to keep his carefully constructed control in place.

“I think it seems to be fairly logical, Leonard,” he replies, and his voice is a little more deep than usually, too.

It doesn’t escape Leonard’s attention, as they walk back home immediately, bodies not-so-casually sliding against each other’s from time to time.